Auto Maintenance & Repair to Take on Winter

It’s hard to believe it’s already October! Ready or not, that means our first snow and ice is just around the corner. When the chilly days of fall start getting downright cold, dropping temperatures and the likelihood of snow can make road conditions more challenging. Snow and ice can affect the way your vehicle operates and handles. NOW is the time to get your vehicle ready for winter.

Photo of brake repair on rear rotor.

It’s important to get auto and brake repair done before your tires hit winter roads.

Getting your rig ready for winter means making sure you have the right tires for winter (and not waiting until that snow has already hit the road!) It also means taking care of any auto repair issues and topping off all your fluids.

While almost everyone thinks about their tires, many people do not think to have their brake system checked. With oncoming snow and ice, you need to know that your brakes are in top shape. If your vehicle needs brake repair, a brake inspection will confirm exactly what needs to be serviced so that you know you’re ready for winter driving.

Whatever the season, the replacement of pads, calipers, and rotors are common brake repairs. If an inspection shows that any of these parts should be replaced, it’s worth the small investment to replace and install them. These are the working parts that slow or stop your tires from moving –and this is not an issue you want to face on winter roads!

Not sure if your rig is in good shape to take on winter? Make an appointment with Roemer’s Tire Factory. We’re your one-stop-shop for tires, maintenance and auto repair in Missoula. We’ll make sure you and your vehicle are ready to welcome winter head on – whether we’re ready for it, or not!

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