Roemer’s Helps Humane Society

John Roemer of Roemer's Point S in Missoula presents $2500 Check to Marta and Emily from the Humane Society of Western Montana

John Roemer with Marta and Emily from The Humane Society of Western Montana


Roemer’s Point S is thrilled to announce that we recently donated $2500 to The Humane Society of Western Montana, based in Missoula. We owe our customers a big “thank you!”

Roemer’s pledged a portion of our June sales to The Humane Society of Western Montana (HSWM).  In addition,  Roemer’s Point S customers directly donated several bags of cat litter, dog treats and some nice cash to HSWM through a donation box in our showroom. Roemer’s also held a Pet Adoption Event in our store on June 16th. (For the record, nothing is better than having a showroom full of adorable kittens and puppies! Better still, Marta from HSWM told us that all our furry visitors found forever homes by the end of that same weekend.)

Why the Humane Society?

Of course, HSWM helps reunite lost pets with their people. They also work really hard to find forever families for pets who need homes. Plus HSWM offers many practical services like low-cost spay/neuter programs, a  Behavior Helpline and dog training classes.  Roemer’s and our customers helped the Humane Society do amazing work for animals and the people who love them in Western Montana! We feel that organizations like the Humane Society of Western Montana help to make all our lives a little better.

Why Roemer’s?

When you buy your tires or automotive repairs from Roemer’s Point S, you can feel good knowing that you’re supporting you local Missoula community and organizations like the Humane Society.  Roemer’s Point S carries the world’s best brands of tires at the right prices, and our ASE-Certified technicians will get you on the road safely. We do everything from oil changes and alignments to tune-ups and air conditioning repairs. We offer appointments and a free shuttle to save you time.

Thank you for buying from locally owned Roemer’s Point S!

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