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Roemer’s Tire Factory offers comprehensive auto repair and maintenance services. Our auto mechanics are ASE certified technicians and can accurately diagnose and repair almost any vehicle problems.

What to Do When Your “Check Engine” Light Comes On

You turn on your car and you start to panic. You see the Check Engine light lit on your dashboard. It came out of nowhere and it doesn’t share specifics. But no need to panic – the light doesn’t mean your engine is about to blow. There are several very common reasons that the engineContinue Reading

Auto Repair, Missoula Potholes, and Your Wallet

Anyone who has driven around Missoula lately has noticed two things. Lots of snow piles and potholes! With all of the freezing and thawing — and freezing and thawing — potholes are everywhere this year. And not only are they annoying, they can put a strain on your wallet by causing damage to your rig.Continue Reading

Time to Replace Your Belts?

Time to replace your belts? You’ve been warned…..if you postpone your belt replacements, you can almost always count on inconvenience. For some strange reason, belts have this way of breaking at the worst possible time in the worst possible place! And when a belt does break, it can result in a domino effect that endsContinue Reading

The 10 Most Common Auto Repairs Part 2 (6-10)

In our last blog we covered the top five most common auto repairs. This blog picks up with the final #6 – 10 items. 6. Ignition System – The ignition system includes the battery, starter and ignition itself. Battery repairs or charges are relatively simple and inexpensive. If your vehicle’s battery needs to be replaced,Continue Reading

Top 10 Auto Repairs Part 1

Of all the things that can potentially go wrong with today’s sophisticated and complex cars and light trucks, auto repair shops still tend to see certain auto repair problems and maintenance issues surface more often than others.Continue Reading

Timely Tips to Prevent Costly Winter Auto Repairs

  With our recent snow and cold, there’s no question it’s really winter! Yet, there are still many folks who’ve not taken the steps they should to ensure safe winter driving and to prevent the possibility of incurring expensive winter auto repairs. Here are six quick tips to get your vehicle ready for winter andContinue Reading

Roemer’s Auto Repair Video

Roemer’s Tire Factory just uploaded a new video to YouTube called Roemer’s Auto Repair Missoula. With the name, Roemer’s Tire Factory, most folks are well aware that Roemer’s is known for selling superior tires and tire services. What many people are less familiar with, is Roemer’s 60 year history of auto repair too. Roemer’s TireContinue Reading

Timing Belt Replacement Can Save Your Engine

  An often deferred auto repair is timing belt replacement. While most people are aware of the importance of regular oil changes for engine health — and get those changes done regularly — replacing a timing belt is often postponed due to its expense. It’s true that timing belt replacement is not cheap. Although costsContinue Reading

How Do I Know If I Need to Have My Brakes Checked?

Too often people seek brake work when it’s gone beyond a simple brake pad repair and instead becomes a costly endeavor. If you have any of the symptoms listed below, or any other automotive issues that concern you,Continue Reading

Why is My Check Engine Light Coming On?

Your car seems to be running perfectly. Then you happen to look down at your dashboard and notice that the Check Engine light is on! What they heck does that mean? Read on to find out!Continue Reading