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To keep your vehicle in top running condition, regular car maintenance is a must. Over the long run you’ll save money and your car will last longer. Roemer’s Tire Factory is your auto maintenance headquarters.

Vehicle Maintenance in Missoula

Interval maintenance is specific work you must have done on your vehicle at specific times if you hope to keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid.  In today’s world of extended manufacturer warranties, that can be pretty important. Beyond that, it’s been demonstrated time and again that doing regular maintenance like flushing essential fluids and replacing wornContinue Reading

Do I Need Snow Tires?

This is a common question we hear in the tire biz as customers try to figure out whether they want to invest in snow tires or go with all season tires. The answer depends on the kind of driving you do and where you live.  In the state of Montana, we are lucky to beContinue Reading

What to Do When Your “Check Engine” Light Comes On

You turn on your car and you start to panic. You see the Check Engine light lit on your dashboard. It came out of nowhere and it doesn’t share specifics. But no need to panic – the light doesn’t mean your engine is about to blow. There are several very common reasons that the engineContinue Reading

Vehicle Service & Warranties: What You Need to Know

When it comes to servicing vehicles and keeping a vehicle warranty intact, what you don’t know can be costly! One very common misconception is that new car owners believe they MUST take their new car to the dealership for servicing in order to maintain their new car warranty. This is absolutely NOT TRUE. What ISContinue Reading

Is Your Car Ready for Summer?

As summer heads our way, don’t jeopardize fun in the sun with unexpected car problems. Your vehicle needs proper maintenance to keep it in top condition for summer weather. Here is some helpful information to make sure your care is ready for summer rain and heat!Continue Reading