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Do I Need Snow Tires?

This is a common question we hear in the tire biz as customers try to figure out whether they want to invest in snow tires or go with all season tires. The answer depends on the kind of driving you do and where you live.  In the state of Montana, we are lucky to beContinue Reading

Winter Car Care Checklist to Keep You Safe

It’s hard to believe that winter is just around the corner when we’ve had such a fabulous fall! But like it or not, winter will be here before you know it. As we head toward colder weather, it’s important to be prepared so that that first snowfall or really cold weather won’t put your car inContinue Reading

Winter Car Maintenance & Driving Tips to Avoid Auto Repairs

It’s snowy. It’s icy. It’s winter in Montana! It also means it’s necessary to do some routine maintenance on your vehicle to prevent more costly auto repairs. Follow these tips to take care of your car – and your wallet! Be prepared to dig out. It’s not a matter of IF, it’s WHEN. We all get stuck fromContinue Reading

7 Tips for Safe Driving on Snow and Ice

When the snow starts to fly, you’ll be seeing a lot more tow trucks on the road. Police throughout northern states report major increases in accidents every time it snows. Driving on snow and ice is part of winter. It also means more drivers colliding with others — or leaving the road entirely. To helpContinue Reading

Getting Your Car Ready for Winter

Ideally, it’s best to get you vehicle ready for winter BEFORE snow flurries begin. But if you’re like most people, concerns about getting your car ready for winter are most likely to hit right about the time the first snow flies. Winterizing your vehicle is a proactive step that helps keep you, your car, andContinue Reading