Changes at Roemer’s!

Big news! Roemer’s Tire Factory is changing their brand to Roemer’s Point S. This change was made by the Tire Factory leadership in an effort to drive costs down for its member-owned stores.  “Since announcing our Point S relationship, we’ve already had some huge wins,” says local owner and Tire Factory board member, John Roemer.  Several key manufacturers have come forward with better deals for our membership.

According to Roemer, Point S is a global tire and automotive products buying cooperative.  The Point S cooperative has over 3,000 independent member locations in the U.S, Canada, and many European countries, with a presence in 27 countries total.  “The significance of this is that we have effectively multiplied our purchasing power under the Point S flag by a factor of 26”, says Roemer. “It allows local, independent owners like me to compete with the ‘big guys.’”

Locally, Roemer says that auto repair and maintenance has counted for about half of his annual sales. Unfortunately, the Tire Factory brand was really focused on tires. “Rebranding to Point S gives me the opportunity to refocus on our service offerings” he feels.  “We have a long tradition as a quality auto repair provider and have had difficulty telling that story.  The Point S brand really stands for service, selection, and savings.  And that’s what we’re truly about,” he says.

Roemer is also really proud to be a part of the Downtown community for 40 years and counting. His favorite things about Downtown are the many events, including the Garden City River Rod Run, Out to Lunch, the Markets, and  Downtown ToNight to name a few.  “Events like these and others help give a sense of place to our community.  I truly enjoy being a part of our vibrant downtown”, he added.

In May and June, Roemer’s Point S will be fundraising for this summer’s International Choral Festival. For every set of tires sold, Roemer’s will donate $20 to the Festival efforts.  He hopes to raise several thousand dollars before June 30th.

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