Correct Tire Pressure Makes for a Safer Summer Vacation

With temperatures reaching 90F and above all around the United States, drivers — especially those planning to travel by car — need to verify that their tires have correct tire pressure.

Using a tire gauge to check for correct tire pressure.Statistically, tire failures due to under-inflation nearly double when temperatures hit the mid-80’s F and above.  Most tires fail because of a drop in pressure which results in a significant increase in tire temperature. Greater friction due to increased rolling resistance, translates to heat build-up which can cause a tire to literally come apart once critical bonding temperatures are reached.

Maintaining the correct tire pressure is very important for getting the best gas mileage and long life out of your tires. Over-inflating your tires results in a bouncy ride and a poor handling car. Under-inflated tires can wear out far more quickly.

How do you know the correct tire pressure for your car?

Every vehicle has a specific tire pressure. Generally, the recommended pressure is listed on a sticker inside the driver’s door. If not there, check the owner’s manual.

Most cars will recommend 32 to 35 psi in the tires when they’re cold. It’s always best to check tires when cool because when tires roll along the highway, the friction between the tires and the road generates heat, which in turn increases tire pressure. For the most consistent tire-pressure readings, the car should have been parked for a few hours or at least not driven hard right prior to the tire check.

Important: Do not inflate your tires to reach the maximum pressure shown on your tire.  That number is the maximum pressure the tire can bear, not the recommended pressure. Consult the manufacturers door placard or your tire dealer for best settings.  Yes, it can be tricky!

That’s one reason to leave your pressure checks to a professional.  Stop by Roemer’s Tire Factory in Missoula anytime for a free tire inflation check and tire safety inspection. We’ll make sure you have the correct tire pressure for your vehicle.


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