How Do I Know If I Need to Have My Brakes Checked?

Too often people seek brake work when it’s gone beyond a simple brake pad repair and instead becomes a costly endeavor. If you have any of the symptoms listed below, or any other automotive issues that concern you, bring your vehicle in and our technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and correct the problem.

Photo of brake pads, an easy auto repair that prevents more expensive brake work.

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Grinding Sound
A grinding sound is caused when metal scrapes against metal. When you hear this type of sound it’s a signal that your brake pads may have worn through. When this occurs it can result in damage to the rotors and drums of your braking system. In a worst case scenario, it can ultimately lead to brake failure. Whenever you hear a grinding sound, get your brake inspected right away.

Excessive Squeaking or Squealing
This type of sound often indicates that there is friction creating heat on the brake linings. When this happens it can cause damage to your braking system. Again, get a brake inspection immediately.

Fully-Depressed or Pumping Brake Pedal to Slow Down and Stop
Do you find that you must press your brake pedal all or most of the way to the floor before slowing or stopping? Or, do you need to pump your brakes to slow or stop your car? If so, it could mean that you have a leak in the brake fluid system or there may be air in the brake system. It’s important to have your brakes inspected and adjusted if these symptoms occur.

Drifting to One Side While Braking
If your vehicle drifts to the left or right when braking, this can be a sign of uneven wear on your brake linings. It can also mean that you have impure brake fluid or have a need for a brake adjustment. If you experience drifting when braking, have your brakes checked right away.

Vibration When Braking
When you feel vibration when braking, it is most likely caused by warped rotors or worn calipers. Our auto mechanic technicians will be able to evaluate your brake wear and make effective repairs if needed.

Brakes are a vital safety feature on your vehicle so it’s important to make sure your brakes are working properly. The best way to prevent expensive brake repairs if to have regular inspection and maintenance.

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