The 10 Most Common Auto Repairs Part 2 (6-10)

In our last blog we covered the top five most common auto repairs. This blog picks up with the final #6 – 10 items.

6. Ignition System – The ignition system includes the battery, starter and ignition itself. Battery repairs or charges are relatively simple and inexpensive. If your vehicle’s battery needs to be replaced, you’ll find a wide variety of battery prices tied to benefits of various batteries. If the starter needs to be repaired or replaced, you can expect the overall expense to be higher.

7. Electrical System – Common problems with electrical systems include issues like blown fuses and lamp bulbs. Often, a brake light bulb replacement can be done at home. However, more serious electrical issues should be dealt with by trained auto technicians. Sometimes diagnostics will be required to determine the exact source of electrical issues.

8. Exhaust System – Mufflers and exhaust system work is also fairly common. Keeping your exhaust system in good working order is important to keep your vehicle in compliance with emissions laws in various states and to prevent unnecessary pollution or unsafe emissions. Exhaust system issues often prevent vehicles from passing emissions tests in states that have testing requirements.

9. Transmission – To keep your transmission in good working order, it’s important to keep your transmission fluid at proper levels and in good condition. Some minor transmission issues can be corrected with a change of transmission fluid. Other transmission repairs can be more complex and expensive. If you suspect transmission problems, get your vehicle into an auto repair specialist to avoid more costly transmission repairs down the road.

10. Air Conditioning System – There’s nothing worse than hitting hot weather and having your air conditioning go out. Have your air conditioning checked annually to keep it in best working order. If your air conditioning system fails, repairs can be a bit on the expensive side, but often deemed worth it for driving comfort, especially in very hot weather.

Unfortunately, auto repairs are to be expected with any vehicle. With proper maintenance, though, you can usually keep your costs lower and reduce the frequency of needed repairs.

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