Roemer’s Business History

November 1951

Jack and Pat Roemer were married in the First Christian Church in Missoula.  The church sat on the same corner as the current Roemer’s store location at 240 E. Broadway in downtown Missoula.

Roemers Conoco original location on E Main in Missoula.May 1953 – Business Begins!
Jack Roemer begins the legacy of what ultimately became Roemer’s Tire Factory when he is offered the opportunity to lease the Conoco Service Station he’s been working at when current operator, Vince Bakke, decides to open his first tire store. This Conoco Service Station was located at 130 E Main (current site of the phone company building), across the street from the old Firestone store on Main and Pattee Streets in downtown Missoula.


1962 - Newly constructed Roemer's Broadway building.Spring 1962
Grand Opening of new location. 
Roemer’s Conoco relocates to 240 E. Broadway.  The store was originally built as a 4 bay shop with two gas islands out front.  Within a few years the building was expanded to its current size. The building square footage was increased by more than a third and included 2 additional lift bays, a larger showroom and office and a substantial parts and tire stock room at the back of the building.

Summer 1965
Son John Roemer takes a summer job at Roemer’s Conoco
before starting 7th grade. His first job was to use ‘tire black paint’ to dress up the used tires on display for resale.  He made 25 cents for every tire completed. Within a week John painted himself out of used tires and was assigned other duties – and the restrooms were never cleaner. Shortly thereafter John was taught the fine art of serving customers at the gas pumps. “Fill ‘er up?” “Check under the hood?” “Wash those windows sir?”

Roemers Car Clinic on E BroadwayLate 1969
Roemer’s Conoco is once again remodeled
, this time it’s rebuilt as a ‘concept’ store featuring expanded automotive services including a dynamometer capable of testing for engine horsepower and performance delivered to the tires.  Also in 1969, Roemer’s introduces the first American made radial tire to Missoula drivers — the BF Goodrich Radial 990.

Early 1970’s
By 1972-73, world events caused the price of gasoline to rise rapidly.  Convenience stores and self serve gas operations began sprouting up everywhere.  Customers moved away from the convenience of full service gasoline retailers for cheaper gas.  The core business model of Roemer’s Conoco began to evolve quickly.

John Roemer and mom Pat 1971Spring 1977
John graduates (with honors) from the University of Montana with a degree in German, a minor in History-Political Science, and a secondary school teaching certificate. (He is determined to never clean another restroom.) He applies for teaching positions throughout the Northwest.

Summer 1977
With only two language teaching positions open in the State of Montana (one of them in Froid, MT) and few elsewhere in the Northwest, there are no teaching prospects on the horizon. A recent newlywed, John agrees to take a sales position at Roemer’s Car Clinic. Among other things, John resumes his restroom cleaning duties.

1977 - Roemer's Gas Pumps RemovedLate 1977
Retail gasoline sales, as a Full Service business model, is no longer profitable as gas approaches $1 per gallon for the first time in U.S. history.  The gas pumps and gas island awning shelter are removed and Roemer’s Car Clinic becomes Roemer’s Tire and Auto Center featuring BF Goodrich and Mohawk Tires.


Spring 1986
Roemer’s Tire and Auto Center signs with Goodyear Tire and Rubber as Missoula’s newest Goodyear Tire dealer
.   Roemer’s introduces the world’s first all-season radial tire to Missoula — the Goodyear Tiempo.

Spring 1988
John buys Roemer’s Tire and Auto from father Jack

Spring 2000
Goodyear announces that they will increase tire prices to its smaller independent tire dealers by 16%.

Roemers Tire Factory SignSummer 2000
John becomes an owner-Member of the largest tire distribution cooperative in the West, Northwest Tire Factory, LLC
. At the time there are 112 member-owners. All owner-members of Tire Factory are independent owners of their own stores and share in the management and ownership of the Tire Factory distribution co-op. The newly renamed Roemer’s Tire Factory is able to offer lower tire prices for their customers.


Spring 2005
Tire Factory evolves to include a common marketing strategy with member stores required to identify their buildings with similar colors and signs, and honor one another’s warranties for their customers. Roemer’s Tire Factory is repainted to reflect this strategy. By now there are 154 member-owners of Tire Factory stores in the Pacific Northwest.

Roemer's Tire Factory at 240 E Broadway Missoula MTSpring 2013
Roemer’s Tire Factory celebrates 60 years serving the Missoula motoring community by implementing the 60 Acts of Kindness Campaign
to give back to the Missoula community that has supported the business since 1953.  See 60th Anniversary – 60 Acts of Kindness press release here.

Spring 2014
Roemer’s continues its Acts of Kindness Campaign by kicking off the new anniversary year by supporting Youth Homes in Missoula. See the full story in the May 29, 2014 edition of the Tire Enquirer!

Roemer’s relies heavily on its legacy auto repair and maintenance services and continues to sell more tires every year. The Tire Factory Co-op now has over 200 Members operating in 15 Western states. It has 3 large distribution centers located in Portland, Salt Lake and Denver carrying over $20 million of inventory exclusively available for member-owners. Tire Factory continues to be the largest member-owned tire cooperative west of the Mississippi.

Spring 2016
Vertical LogoRoemer’s Tire Factory changes its name to Roemer’s Point S. Point S is a global tire and automotive parts buying cooperative with over 3000 independent member locations in 27 different countries. The move by the Tire Factory governing board to join this world-wide cooperative means that Roemer’s has effectively multiplied their purchasing power by a factor of 26. It allows local, independent owners, like John Roemer, to compete with “the big guys” and focus on service, selection and savings – which is what the Point S brand stands for.