Vehicle Service & Warranties: What You Need to Know

Roemer’s Tire Factory technician performs maintenance service on vehicle.

When it comes to servicing vehicles and keeping a vehicle warranty intact, what you don’t know can be costly! One very common misconception is that new car owners believe they MUST take their new car to the dealership for servicing in order to maintain their new car warranty. This is absolutely NOT TRUE.

What IS true is that the vehicle owner needs to prove that the recommended (scheduled) maintenance services have been performed. However, these services do NOT have to be performed at the dealership in order to keep the warranty intact.

Roemer’s Tire Factory customers have learned that they can maintain their new car warranty, often at considerable savings, by allowing us to service their vehicles.  We have all the latest manufacturers’ recommendations related to service intervals for specific vehicles and we maintain a permanent record of each service we performed for you.  We can even email you copies of your service records on request. That way you’ll be able to show that you’ve met the service specifications required to keep your vehicle’s warranty intact.

Roemer’s Tire Factory has almost 60 years of history servicing vehicles in Missoula. We can provide most servicing that any dealership can — and those services will generally cost you considerably less.

Roemer’s Tire Factory would love the opportunity to service your vehicle. Just give us a call at 406-549-6425 to make an appointment.

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