Summer Driving Tips & Car Care

Summer Driving Tips from Roemer's Tire FactoryIt’s summer time and people are jumping in their cars and hitting the road! While you don’t have to worry about the snow and ice of winter trips, there are some summer hazards you need to be aware of. Paying attention to these summer driving tips will help you enjoy safe summer travel.

Summer Tire Pressure – Tire pressure in summer is extremely important. Not only does under inflation lower your mileage and increase your fuel costs, it’s a safety issue as well. Tires don’t like high heat. Without the proper amount of air in your tires, your tires can become stressed and heat can build up within them.  And that can lead to a blowout.

Be sure to check your tire pressure before you begin driving and compare it against the recommended pressure. It’s always best to do this check early in the morning during the coolest part of the day to get an accurate reading.  If you check your pressure later in the day or during a fuel stop on a trip, the numbers will read higher because your tires will be warmer due to heat expansion.

Finally, resist the temptation to bleed air from your tires during hot weather. Pressure build up during driving in hot weather is normal and bleeding may bring your pressure down to low.

Towing and Cargo– If you’re one of many who pulls a boat or trailer during summer months, it’s important to realize that you are adding an extra burden. Consider using a radiator coolant additive. Such products contain ingredients that lower the surface

Overpacked Car

Overpacked Car – NOT Recommended

tension of the liquid in your vehicle’s radiator. This increases the liquid to metal contact within the radiator and disperses heat more efficiently, avoiding overheating.

Also keep in mind that the more weight you add – by whatever means – the more strain you place on your vehicle. Plan ahead, pack as light as you can, and be smart about the cargo you choose to add. Staying light can save fuel costs and reduce wear and tear on your rig.

Be smart, drive safe, and have fun this summer! And as always, if you need tires or car and light truck  repair in Missoula residents have come to expect, give Roemer’s Tire Factory a call.

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