Tire Sales & Service

ason, Service Technician, Balancing TireWhether you drive a car, SUV, or truck, at Roemer’s Point S (formerly Roemer’s Tire Factory) it’s easy to find the tires your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends for safety and performance. Roemer’s offers a great selection of national tire brands and highly competitive prices.

Just drop by our store and our tire experts will be happy to recommend the best choice for your vehicle type, based on where and how you drive.

To help you get started, you can search by vehicle make and model. Or, if you know what tire size you’re looking for, search by tire size by inputting your tire width, aspect ratio, and diameter (rim size).


Warranty and Free Tire Services with Purchase of Tires

As always, any tires purchased at Roemer’s come with the Point S warranty. All new passenger tires and tubeless light truck tires are covered by the SERVICE AND WARRANTY CONTRACT including:

Free Flat Repair — All flats repaired FREE of charge for the life of the tire.

Free Tire Rotation — We recommend rotation of tires at least every 4,000 to 6,000 miles, or as needed to assure maximum mileage. Rotation does not include dismounts or mounts.

Free Tire Rebalance — It is our policy to charge for the original tire balance. Should rebalancing be needed for any reason, the rebalancing will be FREE for the life of the tire.* (May exclude tires that are 34 inches or larger in diameter and larger vehicles.)

Free Tire Inspection — Tires will be inspected for irregular wear, cuts and snags at any time for the life of the tires.

Free Air Check — Free air check is available at any time. Proper inflation is recommended at all times to ensure maximum mileage.

Free Snow Tire Installation and Removal — Point S (or Tire Factory) tires already mounted on separate wheels will be installed and removed at no charge. Should dismounting and mounting be required, an extra charge will be made for these services. (Commercial application tires, pressure monitoring systems and some specialty wheels not included.)

Road Hazard and Tire Replacement Policy — Point S offers FREE tire replacement for the first 30% of tread life if a tire fails due to workmanship, materials or normal road hazards. If failure for these reasons occurs during the first 30% of tread wear, tire will be replaced absolutely FREE, including services. After the first 30% of tread wear, the adjustment will be pro-rated based upon the original purchase price plus service excluding Federal Excise Tax, multiplied by the remaining tread down to 2/32. A tire is considered worn out at 2/32 for consumer safety.

**Run flat, customer neglect, or tires damaged by abuse or accident excluded. Proof of recommended tire rotation is required. (Rotation is one of the most important things you can do to get the most out of your tires.)

**Commercial locking/tube type tires not included.

Need auto repair? Roemer’s offers car and truck repairs, too — and has since 1953!