Top 10 Auto Repairs Part 1

Of all the things that can potentially go wrong with today’s sophisticated and complex cars and light trucks, auto repair shops still tend to see certain auto repair problems and maintenance issues surface more often than others.

Auto Repair Photo Showing Car in Repair BayBelow is #1-#5 of the top 10 most common auto repairs, many of which can be avoided if vehicles are properly maintained. Our next blog will cover repairs #6-#10.

1. Oil Changes – To keep your vehicle in its best possible condition, oil changes should be done every three to five thousand miles. Oil changes extend the life of the engine and prevent more expensive auto repairs. In addition, having service records that confirm regular oil changes can help boost the resale value of your car or light truck.

2. Brake Repair – Brake repairs are some of the most common repairs that auto mechanics perform. Brake pads take a lot of wear and tear which means that you’ll need to have brake pad work several times over the life of your vehicle. Brake pad work is moderately priced and it pays to keep your brake pads in good condition. If brake issues become disc, drum or rotor repairs, you can expect a much bigger bill.

3. Coolant System – Coolant system repairs and maintenance includes radiator work and cooling system flushes. The cost associated with coolant system repairs can range from fairly inexpensive on up depending on the nature of the problem. Trained auto technicians and diagnostic equipment can pin point the exact issue if your coolant system problem is complex.

4. Tires Repairs / Replacement – Sometimes a tire just needs a quick fix when a sidewall splits or your tire picks up a nail or other sharp object causing the tire to leak and lose air. Tire repair is usually quite simple and inexpensive to fix. Other times, tires simply wear out and lose their tread which makes the tires unsafe. To prevent premature wear on tires, always have them rotated on a regular basis. (If you buy your tires at Tire Factory, your rotations and balancing is always free so there’s no reason to put this off!)  Keeping your tires in their best possible condition will delay the expense of replacing your tires.

5. Fuel System – To keep your fuel system in good working order, you should replace your fuel filter on a regular basis. To prevent your fuel pump from getting clogged and incurring another repair, avoid regularly driving your vehicle when you have less than ¼ tank of gas remaining in your fuel tank.Roemer's Tire Factory Logo for Repair Auto Missoula Website Blog

Watch for Part 2 of our Top 10 list of most common auto repairs soon! In the meantime, be sure to give Roemer’s Tire Factory a call if you need car maintenance or auto repair in the Missoula area. Roemer’s has 60 years of auto repair and tire service and we’d love to have the opportunity to show you why we have so many satisfied customers in Western Montana!

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