Why is My Check Engine Light Coming On?

Your car has been driving just fine. No problems. Then you look at your dashboard and notice something alarming: the Check Engine light is on! What they heck does that mean?

Hopefully, it’s likely not as bad as you think — BUT, you always want to get it checked. Built into your vehicle is a second-generation diagnostics computer system, OBD II, which has been mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency to be placed on all makes and models of vehicles. The objective is to more closely regulate vehicle emissions.

Your Check Engine light may mean that your car needs service or repair.

Your Check Engine light may mean that your car needs service or repair.

The OBD II also comes equipped with what is called an MIL, a Malfunction Indicator Lamp, and that is what you see light up on your console when the program detects a problem. If the Check Engine light ever appears on your console, be sure to bring your vehicle into Roemer’s Tire Factory right away so our technicians may help you avoid costly repairs down the road.

If you have not had any problems with the light appearing, you’ll still want to make sure to have your routine car maintenance performed as designated by your owner’s manual.

Our technicians will be able to check the DTC, the Diagnostic Trouble Code that the OBD II stores when it detects an abnormality in one of its observed circuits. Tire Factory trained technicians will access this information through the DLC (the Data Link Connector), they will diagnose any problems, and make sure you and your vehicle are safe.

Don’t put off maintenance and auto repair services. Although you might save money in the short-term, you’ll spend far more down the road.

If you live in the area (or you are traveling through) when your engine light illuminates, give Roemer’s a call at (406)549-6425. Our trained Missoula auto repair technicians can help diagnose the problem and get your vehicle back in top running condition.

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